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Business Strategy

A well-planned and insightful strategy can be the difference in setting your organization up for long-term success. But building strong strategic plans can be challenging. There are many factors to consider including your current position in the market, available resources and capabilities, and identifying key differentiating factors that set you apart.


The right experience in navigating this process can make all the difference in the world. Helping organizations develop strategies that drive long-term growth might be what we do best. It is done with equal measures of passion, critical thought, research and insight.


Understanding where you are going and how to carve out a larger piece of market share is where Dan White + Associates thrives. Let us help you unlock your full market potential with a unique strategy to help your organization leap into the future with greater confidence and success.

Casino Marketing

Casino marketing has grown increasingly ubiquitous. In many cases, there is very little difference between casino marketing programming, promotions, loyalty programs and player benefits and rewards. With nearly 19 years of experience in casino marketing operations, Dan White + Associates is committed to building marketing programs that reflect your organization and power you to rigorously compete in an ever-shifting market.

Our expertise in casino marketing includes:

  • Database management
  • Data analysis
  • Segmentation
  • Monthly rewards management and strategy
  • Report development
  • Performance Audits

  • Promotion programming
  • Player development programs and analysis
  • Entertainment programming
  • Campaign development
  • Annual planning and calendar creation

Our focus is in helping you maximize your marketing investments to create the best return for your bottom line.

Organizational Decision Making

One of the most important roles of leadership is to make decisions. But how much time and effort do we spend on analyzing and evaluating the skill of decision making? Decision making is often hampered by a number of cognitive biases, heuristics and fallacies, most of which we are completely unaware of. Strengthening our decision-making skills can play a critical role in improving organizational and operational efficiencies, avoid ill-fated projects, and improve overall performance throughout the organization.


As students and practitioners of behavioral economics and applied psychology, Dan White + Associates helps organizations identify and reduce common decision-making errors that occur throughout many organizations while continuously building stronger skills and better outcomes.

Temporary/Interim Marketing Leadership

When casinos have unexpected vacancies in marketing leadership, it can create instability and uncertainty for the team and organization. We can help. With nearly 19 years of marketing leadership in tribal gaming, Dan White + Associates can provide immediate stability and support for your team to help ensure a smooth, seamless transition to new leadership. Whether it’s for a few weeks or a few months, we have the experience and operational knowledge to help your organization through this potentially uneven time.


What is your brand? Which attribute do you own in the minds of gamblers in your market? For some casinos, a brand position is not clearly defined. But understanding your brand and your position are critical steps in develop strong, engaging messaging and advertising to strike at the core of your demographic to increase loyalty or attract new customers.


This is especially true for casinos that operate in highly-competitive environments; without a strong brand position, the competition benefits.


At Dan White + Associates, we have ample and proven experience in constructing and building strong brands that differentiate you from the competition and create tremendous opportunity for market share growth and dominance.

Executive Development

For some organizations, developing promising young team members can help shape future generations for success. But finding the right resources to provide support, encouragement and mentorship can be challenging.

With nearly two decades of high-level, executive experience, we can help. The future of your organization’s leadership team should not be taken lightly or left in the wrong hands. We take tremendous pride in our track record of helping prepare leaders for the demands of executive-level roles. This might be as simple as engaging in weekly calls and lending a supportive ear, to regularly-scheduled on-property training and learning. Whatever it is, we can help create a safe, caring path to help develop meaningful leadership skills for all levels of your organization.

Business Development

Where will your organization be in five or ten years? Which amenities, if any, are right for you to focus on? Developing your business to compete in the future is a critical role of business stewards. But this is a process fraught with pitfalls.


But Dan White + Associates can help. Through critical analysis of your market and region, we can help you create a plan to identify the greatest and strongest opportunities for developing and evolving your business.