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Business Strategy

A well-planned and insightful strategy can be the difference in setting your organization up for long-term success.

Business Development

Where will your organization be in five or ten years? Which amenities, if any, are right for you to focus on?


Executive Development

For some organizations, developing promising young team members can help shape future generations for success.


What is your brand? Which attribute do you own in the minds of gamblers in your market? For some casinos, a brand position is not clearly defined. But understanding your brand and your position are critical steps in developing strong, engaging messaging and advertising to strike at the core of your demographic to increase loyalty or attract new customers.

Casino marketing has grown increasingly ubiquitous. In many cases, there is very little difference between casino marketing programming, promotions, loyalty programs and player benefits and rewards. With nearly 19 years of experience in casino marketing operations, Dan White + Associates is committed to building marketing programs that reflect your organization and power you to rigorously compete in an ever-shifting market.

Strategic Partnership

Dan White and KK BOLD have developed and produced dozens of successful campaigns over the years, which made a strategic partnership a natural transition, as both continue to move forward in the casino marketing world.


KK BOLD will work together with and support Dan White and associates in the strategic planning, creative services and execution of digital, traditional, social media and mobile and web applications.


KK BOLD has been successfully marketing for the casino industry, and Indian gaming specifically, for over 25 years.







Organizational Decision Making

One of the most important roles of leadership is to make decisions. But how much time and effort do we spend on analyzing and evaluating the skill of decision making?

Temporary/Interim Marketing Leadership

When casinos have unexpected vacancies in marketing leadership, it can create instability and uncertainty for the team and organization. We can help.

Case Studies

Let’s get to work